Breech & Body Mechanics Workshop
comes to the Spokane Valley & Vancouver/Portland area in July!
For Both Workshops:

Times are flexible according to number of participants, their needs, and skill levels.

Most details and payment methods are the same for both workshops.

Please include all of your contact information when making payment, and specify which workshop you plan to attend - thank you!

$150 WARM members / $300 non-members
CEU's add only $10 for WARM or OMC, or $20 for both

Three Payment Options:

1. Mail payment with form to:

P.O. Box 1881, Issaquah WA 98027

2. Register and pay online:
Breech Workshop Options

3. If you are unsure whether you can attend due to births, please see our mail/fax-in Pre-Registration Form HERE.

Advance Registration Required
Space is limited so register early.

Develop hands-on skills in vaginal breech birth. Explore the mechanics of vaginal breech birth, and the best approach for most breech deliveries. Learn and practice maneuvers to assist when required, and seconds count. Sunday's class will expand into ways to manage other difficult maneuvers quickly and safely, such as shoulder dystocia.

Topics / Agenda


  •   Reasons for breech and risk criteria for out of hospital deliveries.
  •   Social, ethical, moral, psychological, physiological and spiritual aspects of the breech.
  •   Addressing and navigating the political climate of your community.
  •   Overcoming fear, learning to trust birth, ourselves and clients.
  •   Creating your own guidelines and informed consents.
  •   The pros and cons of water birth for breech.
  •   We will be using a simulator and doing hands on practice with a breech.
  •   Bring your pelvis/doll models if you have them.
  •   Difficult breeches, knowing when to transfer.
  •   Lunch will be provided, potluck items encouraged.


  •   “Pill bug the baby” concept, explanation and demonstration for simple problem solving when seconds count.
  •   Kinesiology/body mechanics for birth: movements to prevent injuries to mom, baby, midwife.
  •   Demonstrations: breech presentations and difficult delivery intensive.
  •   Simulation and hands on practice - this is not just another lecture workshop, it is hands-on!
  •   Lunch; potluck, some drinks and snacks provided.
  •   Peer Review (Washington state-approved, WA and Oregon midwives and students welcome) at 1 P.M.

Details for Vancouver/Portland area

Dates and Times:
Sunday July 24, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Monday July 25, 2016 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon
   (followed by state-approved Peer Review 1:00 to 6:00 PM)

    Firm Foundation Christian School   (see Map)
    19919 NE 107th Avenue
    Battle Ground WA 98604

Guest presenter Mary Bernabe will join Eudine and Lorri.


Suzanne,     Carol,       Eudine,       Lorri

Lorri Ellen Carr, LM CPM LDM

Lorri is licensed in Washington and Oregon and owns Highland Midwife Birth Services and Silver Sage Herbal Tinctures in Goldendale, Washington. She has over 20 years of birthing experience. She holds a degree in Pre-Med Biology, undergraduate study at Seattle Midwifery School and graduate study at Midwives College of Utah which soon result in a Masters of Science in Midwifery. Her areas of midwifery research are primarily in nutrition during pregnancy, and she is developing her PhD research on perinatal Omega-3 and Vitamin D therapy.

Other education and experience includes EMT Basic, IBLCE Professional Lactation Educator, DONA Labor Support, ICEA Childbirth Educator, and massage/physiotherapy specializing in pregnancy and injury rehab with licensure as LMT, LMP, and ICMTBP international certification. She is passionately dedicated to training new students to be excellent care providers, who can carry on the unique skills of traditional midwives and herbalist as well as interact proficiently with all medical professions. She serves on the Board of WARM, currently as President.

Eudine Stevens, LMT LDM CPM LM

Eudine has practiced massage therapy for 31 years. Her specialties are trigger point therapy and rehabilitative massage. Her 16 years of injury rehab therapy has given her a comprehensive understanding of kinesiology/body mechanics and injury recovery/prevention. She has unique insight to help with situations where the baby is “stuck”. This understanding has been beneficial to her as she continues her midwifery journey.

Body Mechanics/Kinesiology class is a practical hands-on learning experience to familiarize midwives and students alike with the skills and confidence to handle a baby during the delivery to prevent injury to mom or baby. Favorite phrases in the class are “movement of mom moves baby” and “pill bug the baby". Eudine is a full partner in Highland Midwife Birth Services, and also serves on the Board of WARM.

Suzanne and Carol will attend these two workshops only if their clients' births allow. We do expect additional guest speakers.

Reviews from the Breech & Body Mechanics Workshop in July:
100% positive feedback!

From a CNM attendee: "I have traveled all over and spent thousands of dollars on the best breech workshops, but until today I never took away a usable skill from one!" (Wow, that was both gratifying and very humbling to hear.)

The anonymous evaluation comments (all of them):

What attendees took away - New skills I had not known and review and practice of those skills I knew already ... Breech is a normal variation of birth and not an emergency ... We need to be prepared for breech deliveries; they are another variation of normal. Do not be afraid! ... Confidence in breech births ... Be gentle, movements to help if need be in breech birth ... Relax, take a breath and take your time to evaluate what is happening ... What a wonderful woman centered group is WARM ... Listen to “the force” (The Holy Spirit) be patient! ... Confidence in the possibility of attending breech mamas ... Breech situations, maneuvers - thank you! Informed consent document, hemorrhage management ... Be gentle with breech! Breech is just a variation of normal ... That breech births are a variation of normal and need not be interfered with unless there is a failure to progress ... Specific maneuvers on how to support / help breech births, how to help hemorrhaging and retained placenta, and the need to be largely hands-off unless necessary ... Breech is a normal part of labor and is easily dealt with as long as there is no fear. This is especially important for me as I am in EMS ... Hands on, what to do in emergencies with breeches, hemorrhaging ... Feeling of the tribe! Hands on maneuvers and practice. This class starts where all the “Hands off the breech” left off ... That breech birth can be and is safe if attended by a trained and gentle provider; that breech is normal (a variation…barely); also the pillbug, “midline” and “be gentle” rules.

What they liked best - The speakers were all wonderful! ... Hands on / stories ... Loved hearing from the community and learning via birth stories and what worked in unique situations ... All of the stories / lectures ... Suzanne, Lorri & Eudine talk. Practice ... The families sharing their stories was so powerful ... Everything - emphasis on women’s intuition and love ... Clients who came to speak, midwife perspectives ... All ... Confidence building and learning how to help baby out with my hands - I love the hands off gentle approach. Oh! All the anatomy & physiology, kinesiology ... The different maneuvers - demo and practice time ... I loved the hands on and visual aids! ... The specific maneuvers, hands-on and hands-off techniques, and also the spiritual side of things (the recognition of that) ... The ability to have 1-on-1 demonstrations / talks / storytelling to really clarify and solidify things ... That I could ask real questions and get honest, complete answers. That is so rare! ... The company - the body mechanics. The couples that shared ... The guest speakers were a major highlight and spoke deeply to me, encouraging.

In general - I thought it was a great class ... It was quite good ... Everything was truly wonderful ... Best workshop I’ve gone to on the subject. Great teaching and teachers!   (And many requests for more workshops!)

Next PEER REVIEW:   to be announced.

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